Supercharge your PDF documents

No longer an analytics blackbox - Control your online experience of PDF documents and gather insights similar to web page like page views, search terms, time spent and more.

Integrate conversion pixels, Chats, Lead capture and more into the PDF journey.

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Experience the new way of interaction in PDF document - Chat, Lead capture, analytics and more.

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Meet EnsoView, Transform your PDFs.

Gain usage insights same as website

Track pages read, time spent, search terms, links clicked on your PDFs.

Integrated directly into Google Analytics, HotJar, Mixpanel or analytics of your choice - You visualise an integrated user flow.

Understand marketing performance better

Create PDF materials that converts more — leads, demos, information.

Integrates with Hubspot Banners, Chat systems, Forms to capture leads contextually and use enriched funnel to convert more.

Digital Marketing tracked efficiently

Run better performing campaigns by optimising for real consumption than loading of PDF

Integrate Facebook, Google, LinkedIn or any conversion pixels to track PDF actions like link click, pages viewed rather than only document viewed.

Powerful tools enhancing PDF experience

Understand how users interact with your content

Track and analyze user behavior to better understand what resonates with your audience.

Uniform user experience across platforms

Say goodbye to fragmented user experiences with uniformity across devices.

Customised viewing modes

Tailor your viewing experience to your needs with customized modes.

Get Insights from PDF like you get on web

Transform the black box of user behavior into a data-driven, transparent experience.


Effortlessly integrate with your favorite tools for a seamless experience.